Golden Businesses Magazine analysis on Iran’s top 5 chain stores

Golden Businesses Magazine analysis on Iran’s top 5 chain stores
Golden Businesses Magazine analysis on Iran’s top 5 chain stores

May 10,2019 10:00 AM

Golden Businesses Magazine analysis on Iran’s top 5 chain stores

Author: Shahrokh Keshavarz 
Founder and editor in Chief of Goldenbusinessmagazine

The suitable path to development
The Retail industry and one of its main parts which is Malls and Chain stores have had a great role in Iran’s industry and with the attention they are receiving these days there is a need for them to be noticed more. So the Golden business magazine which is the first and only source on malls and shopping centers, also, being the only official member of the middle east council of shopping centers, has done research on some of the famous Iranian chain stores from march 2018 to march 2019 in terms of there Expansion plans, sales campaigns, and development of their infrastructures.
And now it’s time for 5 of Iran’s famous chain stores to go under the magnifying glass of the golden business to be further analyzed, these stores are Refah ,
.Ofogh koroush, Shahrvand, Hyperstar, and Hyperme

The matter with the most attention and similar between all these chain stores is the importance of job creation and most of their plans and events are based on creating new job opportunities and in which they have made significant success

Refah, customer based and expansionist 
Refah chain stores is one of the oldest and most famous chain stores of Iran. it just celebrated it’s 23‌rd.  birthday. With a customer based strategy and constantly expanding new branches, it has taken various steps to hold countless sales campaigns and opening new branches all over Iran. In the 5th annual conference of Top Iranian Brands in shopping centers, Refah chain stores was selected as one of the great Iranian chain stores by Golden business. And by continuing its path they have successfully launched 17 new branches throughout the country.
As an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large and as its social responsibility, Refah started a campaign called "For the mothers" in which they sent and distributed food packages for mothers with newborns. Also launching a campaign called 7*7, the lit nights campaign at Ramadan, One nation One pulse campaign for the World cup , the break time festival for the start of school year , the "Barfareh "campaign of winter, the "Chele bazar”  for Yalda night "(winter solstice)", "Haraje stoon campain" which was similar to black Friday ,and "Haft soor"campaign for the Iranian new year
.The celebration of Refah’s 23rd birthday and golden business magazines valuable prize
Selecting Refah as Iran’s number one chain store in the
5th annual conference of Top Iranian Brands in shopping centers
.From golden business made this birthday sweeter 

.Hyperstar, dynamic and successful
Hyperstar is one of Iran’s most dynamic chain stores that belongs to majid Al futtain group ,it stared its activity in Iran on 2009 by opening its First branch and in the past year celebrated its 10th year of activity. At the moment they have 14 branches all over Iran .6 Hyper markets in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Karaj, Yazd and 8 super markets in Tehran
.The inauguration of the biggest hyper market in Iran’s biggest and largest mall
.Hyper star with its expansion strategies in Tehran, Karaj and Yazd, started new branches so they can develop their services in these cities
Hyper star started its online market in order to be able to give online services to its customers. Contracts were signed with companies such as Snap market, Bamilo and Snapfood so their services could be more satisfactory. Also one of their other achievements was the inauguration of their biggest hyper markets in Iranmall which is Irans largest mall
Hyper stars main goal is presenting a variety of products with great quality and a suitable price for consumers. Hyper star is the only store that guarantees the lowest prices. In order to Increase their sales, they have launched many campaigns such as: Ramadan special sales, returning to school campaign, Hyper discount campaign, opening new branches, opening a 6500 m2 branch in Ecomall in the city of karaj and opening a branch in the Persian Gulf complex of the city of Yazd


Hyperme, swift in development
.Hyper me in a very short period was able to start 17 chainstores in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan and mazandaran and soon became of the famous chain stores in Iran
As part of their expansion strategies they opened a Hyperme store in the street of Fereshteh in Tehran and also Kiamall in shiraz so they were able to have their 1st branch in Fars province and started giving their services in 7 provinces

In order to be in contact with their customers, Hyperme has an active social media presence and their instagram with a campaign called » let’s become a Hyperme member« was able attract many and let people know about their activities

.Shahrvand celebrated its 25th birthday while giving its customers great services and keeping them satisfied
.This chain store with over 44 branches is active in the city of Tehran, Lavasanat, Parand and Marlik
.By opening a branch in Narcis shopping center, they increased the number of their branches. Their "Eydane” campaign helped increase their sales and made a great difference in their stores
As a social responsibility they have started valuable campaigns for example shopping without cars in order to preserve nature, a public campaign to help the education of kids, and unveiling the First purchasing system for blind people. In order to give online and virtual services they signed a great contract with a with one of the biggest transportation companies, all in order to gain their customers satisfaction

Ofogh koroush , constant discount constant success 
In product supply "ofogh koroush” is a young company and by their presence in the retail industry they have been able to open 1000 branches throughout the country making them one of Iran’s famous retailers. Observing their successful strategy shows their intelligence and their development in all aspects and fields
.The achievements of Ofogh kourosh
.Achieving one of Iran’s superior companies with the rank of 69
.Receiving the national prize for social responsibility
.Receiving an award for commitment in quality
.The First rank in branch expansion by opening more than 1100 stores in 245 cities
.Receiving the prize in the 4th festival of advertisement in the area digital sales
.Receiving the people award in the festival of web and mobile
.Ranking 40 in the 500 great companies of Iran
.Receiving the golden award for the most popular brand and the most popular store for the 2nd year
Apart from all Its success this brand has entered the stock market which was special for the retail industry."Ofogh koroush" with 5 million shares, that equaled 5percent of stock, as the 1st Iranian chain store entered the stock market, in order to achieve more customer satisfaction and increase sales they started their online store with the brand of "Akala "furthermore, in terms of giving services they have launched their great project of ERP
.Also starting their customer service application their magazine and radio are some of the ways they have reached out to their customers
One of their other strengths is their numerous campaigns with discounts throughout the year which has proven Tobe very attractive for their customers. The campaign of the longest purchase receipt was satisfying and was applauded by customers

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